Dhcpd failover with fixed IP only : thoughts ?

tom tom at calixo.net
Mon Sep 9 12:01:43 UTC 2013


> [..] For instance no lease is ever written to the dhcpd.leases file.
> Now if you use pools with 1 address, there will still be a full lease
> written, however I think it will still work for you because there is only
> one IP address to be assigned to each client. So if the client queries
> several servers they will (should?) always give the same answer. So I
> still suggest that you could run multiple serve3rsd with identical configs
> and no need for dhcpd failover config. In fact dhcpd failover will not
> work because it needs at least two IPs in each pool so it can split them
> between the two servers.
Indeed, a lease is written hence why I asked my question on this mailing 
list because I couldn't see/guess possible consequences to not share it. 
I did try dhcp failover and it does work with only one IP.

Now, I feel more confident about the possible designs because you 
confirm my thoughts. I would like to thank everybody for your answers 
(Emmanuel, Simon and obviously Glenn). Thank you guys.


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