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We have a central DHCP server with several "shared networks" which creates a complication for us since we have multiple user groups that we want separate. One solution for us is to create multiple dedicate DHCP server, but that isn't an attractive solution.
Our process here is we don't give a client an IP address unless we know it's mac address. We have a process that uses OMSHELL to create host records so they become "known clients."
Since we have a central DHCP server, our challenge is assigning "known clients" to their proper ip pool. As a very simple example - we don't a student device connect to a faculty network and getting an faculty IP address. The behavior we want is a student device would only get an IP address in the designated student ip address pools.
My approach to this problem is to use classes and subclasses. However, I can't figure out how to assign a subclass to a host record with OMSHELL. I see it is a documented function, but I can't find any working examples.

Has anyone successful assigned a subclass to a host record using OMSHELL?

Thank you.

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Mr. Fleming,
  I think I joined the list after you made the thread.  I'm curious what your application is, you and I have similar struggles with OMAPI [1].


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