Two instances of DHCPv6 Option Code 16

Mironov, Ivan Ivan.Mironov at
Wed Sep 11 13:23:00 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I would like to send from client to DHCP server two different Option 16 values.
Does dhclient (dhcp-4.1-ESV-R7) support this feature?

I've added following lines in my dhclient.conf:
option dhcp6.vendor-class code 16 = {integer 32, integer 16, string};
send dhcp6.vendor-class <Enterprise Number 1> <length1> "bla-bla1";
send dhcp6.vendor-class <Enterprise Number 2> <length2> "bla-bla2";

But in tcpdump capture I can see only the second unit.

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