Abandoning ip address issue

Peter Capriccio peter.capriccio at hp.com
Sat Apr 5 13:41:31 UTC 2014

On 4/5/2014 Steven Carr wrote:
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> Subject: Re: Abandoning ip address issue
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> On 5 April 2014 01:48, Suresh Rajagopalan<sraja97 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> >  Apr  4 13:59:04 gateway2 dhcpd: Abandoning IP address
>> >  pinged before offer
> The IP address is in use. DHCPd wont lease out an IP that responds to
> a ping. You have manually configured clients in a DHCP range. Fix your
> network.
> Steve
A manually configured client may not be the problem, but seemingly more 
like a problem with the DHCP client (or configuration for the latter) -- 
in a recent reply I had mentioned that I see the same symptoms from 
certain clients -- we have some embedded systems on our network that use 
the udhcp 1.13.3 client and they consistently hold on to their 
DHCP-issued IP address and bring said address up on their interface 
following a reboot, so when they issue their discover, the ping-check 
comes back positive and their lease gets abandoned -- the discover cycle 
repeats until the client eventually removes the IP address from its 
interface and then a "normal" handshake completes. Just my two pesos...

Pete C.

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