DHCP server answers with delay

Denis Taranushin tda at suttk.ru
Mon Apr 7 08:28:19 UTC 2014

 > Could this be possibly related to a "ping-check", assuming that it is
 > enabled, to the client? I have some clients that don't follow the spec
 > and hold on to their current IP address when doing a discover, so the
 > ping check is positive (server can ping the client IP address in the
 > lease database), so the server abandons the lease, and during which
 > time, the client sends multiple discovers (maybe check the logs for
 > abandoned leases?) -- just a WAG...

There is no "ping-checks" in logs server. But for test I set ping-check 

Client is Windows 7 and as I know Win7 hasn't this feature;

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