Log options for IPv6 clients.

Valdinei Rodrigues dos Reis valmatrix at ig.com.br
Mon Apr 7 15:46:30 UTC 2014


Is there any way to change the host identification stored in the
dhcpd6.leases file?
The default is to store the ia-na, like the example below:

ia-na "\202&\000\026\000\001\000\001\027\231!\177\034\301\336\250gi" {
  cltt 1 2014/04/07 13:17:18;
  iaaddr xxx:xx:xxxx:xx::xxx {
    binding state active;
    preferred-life 86400;
    max-life 86400;
    ends 2 2014/04/08 13:17:18;

I think it is better store the MAC address associated with the leased

Another issue, I noticed that only dynamic clients get in into the
dhcpd6.leases file, not the ones that has a host declaration. Is it a
normal behavior? Is it possible to change this?

Thanks in advance.
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