dhclient dry-run - need to know the def gateway without installing the def route

alessandro macuz alessandro.macuz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 18:12:32 UTC 2014

Hi all I searched the Internet for such an option but I didn't get any
consistent result.

I'd like to run dhclient twice, the first time to know which router it
would be given and the second time just to get an IP address without
requesting any router.

Some articles and the manual page showed me that it should be possible
unless I misunderstand them.

Either the documentation on the Internet mislead based on the definiton of
the -n flag or is there a way to actually achieve this goal?

The client should talking with the server stop after the DHCP OFFER or
better complete the request and then release the IP address straight-away.

Is there any way to achieve this through dhclient.conf?
I'm not an expert and I never needed to touch it.
My goal is to not install the default route in the routing table but then
add manually (scripts) some routes towards working the gateway for the
network the client is asking an IP address in. I could deduce the gateway
from the DHCP server IP address because normally they coincide but that
would be my assumption.

Thanks in advance,

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