dhcp relay doesn't work?

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Since You are having router to be configured as dhcp relay, Why are you
running dhcrelay command on DHCP server.

First of all configure your dhcp server with the IP pool and run the server,
then on the router configure dhcp relay with "ip helper" command on the
client facing interface of router(check router manual for that) i.e. eth1
according to your configuration.

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Hi all:
           I'm sorry my English is not good,please be patient.thank you!!
I'm doing a 

project based on openwrt (SOC: Atheros ar9341) .As the following chart
shows, I

 need a router as a dhcp relay agent,so i use isc-dhcp-relay


dhcp server <------------> eth0 (router) eth1 <------------>dhcp client


dhcp server ip:	       a normal dhcp server 
router eth0 ip:         eth0 get the ip from dhcp server
router eth1 ip:             static ip,eth1 is directed connected
to lan,the bridged interface name is br-lan

I enter the command:

	dhcrelay -i br-lan

However, even though I tried two available dhcp server, the client can not
obtain an IP address.

for dhcp server 1,wireshark shows 

	1) router forwards dhcp discover from client to server

	2) server replies dhcp offer to router

	3) router doesn't send anything to client

for dhcp server 2,wireshark shows

	1) router forwards dhcp discover from client to server

	2)server replies nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you very much!
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