dhclient sending DHCPREQUEST's on wrong interface

David Hedbor neotron at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 02:17:12 UTC 2014


I’m having an issue with my router setup. It’s an EdgeMAX router which uses dhclient to configure the WAN interfaces. In my case I have two - Comcast and Frontier FIOS. eth0, which is Comcast and the default router, works fine. eth1 which is Frontier gets an IP correctly but renewing doesn’t work due to the requests being routed over eth0 instead of eth1. After some googling I found 


which appears to be the exact issue I’m seeing. After making a similar change as the one suggested in the email, it does indeed work correctly.

As a sidenote, dhcpcd also works fine - this is an issue exclusive to dhclient it seems.

This is a post on the EdgeMAX forums explaining my issues (and what I did to figure it out):


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