Two dhcp servers with same dhcpd.conf (fixed-address hosts)

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Good point on the _need_ for failover, but there was a causal relationship implied in the OP that I did not understand.

We make our changes on a third DHCP server that is a twin (triplet) to the production boxes. Once the changes are tested and pass muster there, we push the new configuration to a git repository and tell the 'real' DHCP servers to pull the new configuration and restart.

One of probably hundreds of solutions people use for that, I'm sure.

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If all machines/clients use fixed addresses, you can simply run two servers - you don't need fail-over.
In this case, no matter which server replies, the clients will get the same addresses. There doesn't need to be any coordination between the two servers at all.

[However, obviously, as you change the fixed address assignments, you'll need to propagate those changes to both servers.]

PT> Pardon my ignorance, but why can't you use failover? We do fixed
PT> addresses on our failover-enabled system all the time.

>> On Aug 7, 2014, at 9:11 AM, "Marcos Renato da Silva Junior" <marcosjr at<mailto:marcosjr at>> wrote:

>> Hi,

>> I have a dhcp server with all hosts configured in static mode/fixed-address.
>> Thus the dhcp failover is not applicable.
>> I want to create a secondary/slave dhcp server in case the primary server fails.
>> How to do this?
>> I can keep the two servers with the same dhcpd.conf working together?

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