DHCP client state if rebooted when local DHCPD server is offline?

terrygalant.lists at fastest.cc terrygalant.lists at fastest.cc
Thu Aug 14 16:38:07 UTC 2014

Hi Simon,

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014, at 09:08 AM, Simon Hobson wrote:
> It is very client/implementation specific.

Thanks for the educational reply!

At the beginning, I'm staying away from ZeroConf, radvd, etc and trying to stick to all fixed-address{,6} assignments -- at least unitl it all works the way I expect.  THEN I'll start loosening-up the auto-assignments.  Less chaos up front I think.

As for client/implementation specificity, I guess I'd better ask ...

I use isc's dhcpd and dhcpd6 servers, from distro packages on linux/64.

for clients, I seem to have a choice between 'dhcpd' and 'dhclient'.  I've been reading lots of posts, comments, and the best I can come up with -- so far -- as to which one to use is, basically,  "flip a coin" :-/

My primary requirements @ clients are

(1) needs to get both IPv4 & IPv6 assignemnts from DHCP servers
(2) my clients are multihomed on single interfaces.  the server's setup to DELIVER multiple addressed for a host -- whichever client I use needs to be able to GET them
(3) I'd like "survival" of the client, when the server's offline, to be as resilient/robust as possible, per this OP's question.

With all that said -- which client implementation would you recommend?  dhclient, or dhcpcd?


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