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Mon Aug 18 20:02:04 UTC 2014

DB> On 8/18/14 12:29 PM, kevinmsmith22 at wrote:
>> I have an Ubuntu server 14.04 and am looking for a goo Web based GUI for that uses the existing config files, or can import them so I don't have to reenter everything. And (yes I know linux) is relatively easy to set up and maintain..

DB> Webmin is the traditional answer here, have you tried it and found it 
DB> lacking?

I'll chime in here, though I may very well be wrong. The last time I looked at Webmin [probably a 12-18 months ago] on Ubuntu 12.04 with a 2.4.x version of DHCPd, Webmin seemed very ignorant about lots of stuff. [At least that's the way I recall it.] I don't recall any of the details, but it looked very ugly and likely that if I made any changes with Webmin, it would likely totally hose down my configs.

[I *am* using fail-over and such, but I'm not doing anything unusual or esoteric. But IIRC the problems seems far greater than handling fail-over properly.]

But, as I said above, it's been a while and I don't recall the details well at all.

If someone does actually try webmin, or if there's someone who can comment on it, and has used it successfully, I'd be grateful to hear about your experience. 
There are some things, like looking at active leases which are quite nice to do on a GUI - and for those I'd like to use webmin. But I'm pretty wary. :)

TIA for any feedback!

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