GUI for isc-dhco/dns

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Mon Aug 18 20:43:47 UTC 2014

TY for the replies 
---- kevinmsmith22 at wrote: 
> I have an Ubuntu server 14.04 and am looking for a goo Web based GUI for that 
uses the existing config files, or can import them so I don't have to reenter 
everything. And (yes I know linux) is relatively easy to set up and maintain..  
> Kevin 
Doug, Yes I have found it just causes issues with my current configs, and it 
refuses to import what I have. 
> Are you looking for a GUI to handle both DHCP and DNS, or are separate GUI 
> tools for each also acceptable?  Any specific features you're looking for? 
Id like it to to the basics, manage multiple subnets, Addition, deletions, 
changes in static address. Nothing too fancy up front. Just to make management 
easier. Really Id like to see and AD type interface (I have mess around with 
LDAP and did get it working until the hardware went bat unexpectedly) 
> Otherwise, a quick Google search for "BIND GUI tools" returned a few 
> promising results. 
John. Id Prefer both in one, but wouldn't have issue with separate utilities, as 
long as they are functional. 
As for making my own. It's a thought, but I dont have the time right now and am 
sorely out of practice. 

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