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Stephan Sanders stephan at sanders.koeln
Mon Dec 15 08:57:44 UTC 2014

Hi Simon,

"Simon Hobson" <dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk> wrote:
> Now I am really confused !
> Is where the client devices live, or where >Server A 
> lives ? From what you wrote earlier it sounded like >the former, this 
> >sounds like the latter.

Let me explain the solution.
Each domain is located on a switch/router with a dhcp-relay.
on each domain are two subnets configures (primary and secondary 
addresses) primary    GI and GW address: secondary           GW address:

The dhcp relay allows to use more than one dhcp server but only to 
define one GI address.
So for the first server everything is fine. The GI address is within 
the pool. But the Backup Server
will receive discovers from the GI and has to offer addresses 
from Selection of which /29 pool
should be done by option82. option82 will be filled by the dhcp relay 
with a string for the remote-id.

> The server will *NOT* try and allocate an address from >anything other 
> than because it doesn't have any >addresses in teh other 
> >subnets to give out. But it will >know that regardless of whether the 
> GI-Addr is in 10.10, >10.11, or 10.20 it can give out addresses in the 
> > subnet.

Thats the way i want run my configuration.

> Lastly, looking back at your original post, you could help yourself by 
> better formatting - with no indentation it's almost impossible to see 
> >what's in what scope. Compare these two presentations :

the initial spaces are lost from email translation :-S
Sorry for confusing.

Best regards

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