Pool independent GI Address

Stephan Sanders stephan at sanders.koeln
Mon Dec 15 19:56:06 UTC 2014

Hi Simon and Niall,

"Simon Hobson" <dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk> wrote:
> Domain is not a sensible description of an entity in this context -
> as Niall has pointed out, we have no idea what you mean by it. Please
> stick to standard terminology and things might go a bit better !

I will try to explain it complete.

Each LAN-segment (>1000 sites) terminates on a router with its own 
on this interface are configured two IP addresses from different 
subnets. Its not a cisco, but on a cisco it will be configured as 
described from you:
>   ip address
>   ip address secondary

On this router the dhcp-relay is configured for two different 
Limitation in this release is the definition of only one GI Address for 
both targets.
So the GI IP for the relayed packets is in this case for both 

The router / dhcp relay has a routed connection to both dhcp-server.
Both servers will receive the discover from Server A has a 
Server B has only

Both servers can't use the same pools due different routing issues.

Thats the reason why my intention was to use the option 82 for the 
poolselection independent
from the GI-address.

Sorry for confusing you. ;-)


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