Motorola Canopy and static IP's

Adam Moffett adamlists at
Thu Feb 6 22:46:22 UTC 2014

>> Well, without much fact in my knowledge about your parts, specially
>> the Motorola, I have a feeling that you may be looking at a network
>> issue in general as your first priority. Just a feeling.
> Good Day
> I had a conversation with my ISP with regards to this.
> In a non technical way it was described to me as follows
> signal from their tower to my antenna has my wan ip address.
> the box below the antenna takes the address and converts
> it to 169.254.1.x and provides this address via dhcp.
> So from there I will probably use a software router to create a
> private LAN
> Thanks for the heads up on all of this. I will not tell how much time I
> have spent agonizing over this.
> Thanks again
> Geordie
> _______________________________________________
I wish I'd noticed this thread earlier.  I have thousands of Canopy 
units in the field. is the default LAN IP on canopy. The 
idea is, if you plug a laptop into an unconfigured unit on the bench 
your laptop will self assign a 169.254.x.x IP and you'll have access to 
the unit without having to configure anything.

By default it's a layer2 bridge and you would never even know about the 
169.254 IP.  They changed it to NAT mode and didn't change the LAN IP.  
IMO they're doing it wrong.  If it's working it's working, but there are 
some routers that will not route traffic to the WAN if they get a 
169.254.x.x IP on their WAN interface (Apple Airport is one) so they're 
giving themselves extra headache whether they know it or not.  It also 
just plain causes confusion.

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