How to restrict Windows XP DHCP clients to a specific subnet?

Sten Carlsen stenc at
Fri Feb 14 13:46:11 UTC 2014

They are, to my knowledge and experience, independent.

I.e. you make the allow/deny setup for each, both as described.

On 14/02/14 14.33, Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
> Glenn Satchell glenn.satchell at wrote:
>> known hosts is a list that matches all hosts defined in host statements,
>> doesn't matter if they have a fixed-address or not.
>> These hosts can also be a member of a class if they pass the match
>> requirement defined in the class.
>> known or unknown hosts are completely independent of class membership.
> Yes, that's exactly the point: We have two types of client
> definitions: 1) hosts and 2) classes.  The big question is: How do
> allow/deny statements work when used simultaneously with clients of
> types 1) and/or 2)?
> Chris has clarified
> (
> the case of 2) only.
> Thanks,
> Ole

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