Configuring DHCP Server with Infiniband

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Thu Jan 2 18:35:53 UTC 2014

This is not surprising. Last time I checked the DHCP over IPoIB patches was
almost 2 years ago (for dhcp-4.2.3-P2). Unfortunately, the linux patches
were not incorporated into any ISC release so they constantly need
"rebasing/reporting" :-(

Looks to me like the main change in terms of IB support since then is:

- Add support for Infiniband over sockets to the server and

  relay code.  We've tested this on Solaris and hope to expand

  support for Infiniband in the future.  This patch also corrects

  some issues we found in the socket code.

  [ISC-Bugs #24245]

So there's now some Infiniband support (over sockets) for Solaris in this
release. Note this is server (and relay) support but not the client.

Both client and server were supported in the original patches for Linux.
The Linux support does _not_ use sockets.

FWIW, I was able to use the patches with some minor manual fixups and got
this version to build client and server but didn't test them.

-- Hal

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 4:40 AM, E.S. Rosenberg <
esr+dhcp-users at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sorry to drag up an old thread but I'm having a hard time with this.
> I downloaded dhcp-4.2.5-P1 and compiled it gave me the:
> Unsupported device type 32 for "ib0"
> error.
> Then I found this thread on the list:
> The patches referred aren't there anymore, so I continued searching
> and found them here:
> However they don't seem to be patches against 4.2.5 at all, they
> assume code is there that actually isn't, I'm trying to manually
> resolve the conflicts but if someone can give me some pointers I would
> hugely appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Eli
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