Unable to pick client address: no addresses available

Eugene M. Zheganin eugene at zhegan.in
Mon Jan 20 06:31:12 UTC 2014


On 20.01.2014 11:58, Glenn Satchell wrote:
> What is in the logs?
Aside from these messages - only usual logging.
> Perhaps there is there one badly behaved client going
> through and using up all your leases perhaps?
Yup, I had this thought too. But, first of all:

[emz at taiga:/<1>db/dhcpd6]# grep iaaddr dhcpd6.leases | fgrep fd00::7 |
sort -u | wc -l
[emz at taiga:/<1>db/dhcpd6]# grep iaaddr dhcpd6.leases | fgrep fd00::3 |
sort -u | wc -l

and the config is:

# main office
subnet6 fd00::0300/120 {
    range6 fd00::332 fd00::3fe;
    option dhcp6.name-servers fd00::301;

# it
subnet6 fd00::0700/120 {
    range6 fd00::703 fd00::7fe;
    option dhcp6.name-servers fd00::702;

so it doesn't seem so.

Second, I wanted to use classes and forbid one client from getting
multiple addresses, but I found out that classes aren't supported for
DHCPv3. So, no options left.
> How much free space in the
> filesystem where leases are written?
[emz at taiga:/<1>local/etc]# zfs list
NAME                          USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
zfsroot                       196G  64,4G   595M  legacy
zfsroot/test                   32K  64,4G    32K  /usr/local/public/updates
zfsroot/tmp                   196M  64,4G   196M  /tmp
zfsroot/usr                   146G  64,4G   127G  /usr
zfsroot/usr/home             10,0G  64,4G  10,0G  /usr/home
zfsroot/usr/obj              1,92G  64,4G  1,92G  /usr/obj
zfsroot/usr/ports            6,84G  64,4G  5,54G  /usr/ports
zfsroot/usr/ports/distfiles  1,29G  64,4G  1,29G  /usr/ports/distfiles
zfsroot/usr/ports/packages   3,57M  64,4G  3,57M  /usr/ports/packages
zfsroot/usr/src               805M  64,4G   805M  /usr/src
zfsroot/var                  48,5G  64,4G  2,28G  /var
zfsroot/var/crash            20,5K  64,4G  20,5K  /var/crash
zfsroot/var/db                210M  64,4G   202M  /var/db

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^it's here and it's more than enough space.

zfsroot/var/db/pkg           8,02M  64,4G  8,02M  /var/db/pkg
zfsroot/var/empty              20K  64,4G    20K  /var/empty
zfsroot/var/log              46,0G  64,4G  46,0G  /var/log
zfsroot/var/mail             1,66M  64,4G  1,66M  /var/mail
zfsroot/var/run               102K  64,4G   102K  /var/run
zfsroot/var/tmp              1,55M  64,4G  1,55M  /var/tmp


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