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Hi everybody

Thanks for your answers I'm hands on ip address pool configuration.

Jah bless you.

On 06/05/2014 04:54 AM, Simon Hobson wrote:
> IT Support <it.compilation at> wrote:
>> Yes I do, is it wrong this kind of setting?
> Yes, as Glen says, defining a static assignment does not "reserve" the address out of any dynamic pools it may be in. This is a common issue with admins used to the Microsoft way of doing things. The ISC server does have an equivalent of the Microsoft way - you can "reserve" a lease to a specific client by adding the flag "reserved;" to the lease record - you either have to stop the server and edit the leases file, or use OMSHELL, to do this.
>> This setting that I'm using is because of in the past I was getting a lot of ip conflicts between users asking to the dhcp server for a idle ip address, and a way to solve it, was give it to them fixed ip addres just for few to whom was getting  ip addres conflict.
> You need to look at what problem was causing this. If a client asks for an address, it should not be given one that is in use - provided the server is properly configured. There are however some client config issues that can cause problems.
>> I'd like to find a work around for this issue.
> Which one ? The one you asked about (which has been answered - don't have an address that is both in a dynamic range and a static assignment) or the one that is causing the underlying problem ?
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