RESOLVED: dhcpd sporadically ignoring one of two "copies" of a DHCP request

Niall O'Reilly niall.oreilly at
Wed Mar 12 10:54:57 UTC 2014

At Tue, 11 Mar 2014 19:15:05 +0000,
Phil Mayers wrote:
> Digging into the source code I found the cause; apparently we had
> "ping-check" on (!) and, if you do that, the lease is allocated but
> not ACKed until the ping has timed out.
> While that's happening, lease->state is set, and ack_lease() has a
> short-circuit return (with no logging; sigh) that drops the 2nd reply.
> If I read the code path right the same thing would happen with delayed ack.

  Nice work, Phil!

  I'm left wondering whether you see this as a bug, or rather just
  a nuisance either to be tolerated or to be worked around by disabling

  Niall O'Reilly

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