DHCPv6 Server droping policies

Eduardo Vieira eduardovra at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 21:17:00 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Is there any way I can configure dhcpd to answer only some kinds of DHCPv6
messages and drop all the others ?
For instance, I'm trying to setup a DHCPv6 server that should be compliant
with RFC 3736 (Stateless DHCP Server), so says the RFC, topic 6:

A DHCP server that is only able to provide stateless configuration
   information through an Information-request/Reply message exchange
   discards any other DHCP messages it receives.  Specifically, the
   server discards any messages other than Information-Request or
   Relay-forward it receives, and the server does not participate in any
   stateful address configuration message exchanges.  If there are other
   DHCP servers that are configured to provide stateful address
   assignment, one of those servers will provide the address assignment.

The problem is that the server is answering the Solicit requests with
an Advertise containing status code NoAddrAvail,

and according to the RFC it needs to be silent about it. The
Information-Request messages are answered normally.

Config I'm using:

subnet6 2000::/64 {
  option dhcp6.name-servers 2000::1;


Best regards
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