DHCPv6 on Linux with 4.3.0

Carsten Strotmann carsten at strotmann.de
Mon Mar 17 16:51:23 UTC 2014


when using ISC-DHCP 4.3.0 in DHCPv6 mode on a Linux system with kernel <
3.9, I'm getting an error: 
"Can't set SO_REUSEPORT option on dhcp socket: Protocol not available" 
and the ISC-DHCP dhcpd process terminates.

Running the same binary on a System with a newer kernel (3.11) works

According to this article -> http://lwn.net/Articles/542629/
"SO_REUSEPORT" has been introduced into Linux with kernel version 3.9. 

When I change the source code that prints out the above error from
"log_fatal" to "log_error" in common/socket.c, line 227, the ISC-DHCP
Server seem to work just fine on older Linux kernel.

Has anyone seen this issue, or had success running 4.3.0 in DHCPv6 mode
on an Linux kernel < 3.9?

Carsten Strotmann
Email: cas at strotmann.de
Blog: dnsworkshop.org

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