Two Static Entries using Same IP address

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Mar 19 15:36:46 UTC 2014

In order to see what would happen, I used omshell to create two
static entries in which the host names and MAC addresses
differed but both had the same IP address. Omshell didn't
complain and both entries could be opened via their respective
MAC's as in
set hardware-address = MAC_1; or
set hardware-address = MAC_2;
and there would be the entry.
Since the MAC's are fictitious, I couldn't test to see if both
worked, so my question is do they both work or does the new
duplicate kill them both?

	I am working on some automation that creates bootp-style
host entries and was hoping that onshell would complain about
two static entries occupying the same IP address but this does
not seem to be the case. Omshell does report if one tries to add
a new entry using a MAC that is already registered to some other
system and it does report a key conflict if you open the wrong
name and a different MAC.

Thank you.

Martin McCormick

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