is 'ignore booting' expected to work witch dhcpv6?

Anders Blomdell anders.blomdell at
Thu Mar 20 15:46:20 UTC 2014

In the dhcpd6.conf (ISC dhcpd 4.2.6 on Fedora-20) file I have:

  host never_021403200949 {
    hardware ethernet 02:14:03:20:09:49;
    ignore booting;

But even so the dhcp server answers a confirm for a previously assigned address

  fe80::14:3ff:fe20:949    ff02::1:2             DHCPv6   159    Confirm XID: 0xc66d85 CID: 00030001021403200949 IAA: 2001:470:28:40f::4:33
  fe80::13:10ff:fe07:1158  fe80::14:3ff:fe20:949 DHCPv6   132    Reply XID: 0xc66d85 CID: 00030001021403200949

BTW 'deny booting' gives the same result.

Anybody has a clue to what I have missed?



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