duid and dhcpd6.client-id

Carsten Strotmann carsten at strotmann.de
Mon Mar 31 11:51:26 UTC 2014

Hello Andreas,

Andreas Burger <andreas at ethz.ch> writes:

> hi there,
> i try to figure out how i have to write the dhcpd6.client-id
> in the dhcpd6.conf

I use this code snippet in my dhcpd6.conf to print out the Client-DUID
of a DHCPv6 request

log (info, concat("--> Client-DUID: ", binary-to-ascii(16, 8, ":", option dhcp6.client-id)));

the logoutput is like this:

Mar 31 13:48:37 blackbox dhcpd: Renew message from fe80::20a:e4ff:fe2c:707f port 546, transaction ID 0x6C3B3E
Mar 31 13:48:37 blackbox dhcpd: --> Client-DUID: 0:1:0:1:1a:cb:d7:fa:0:a:e4:2c:70:7f

A host-reservation with DUID is done like this:

host x40 {
      host-identifier option dhcp6.client-id  0:1:0:1:1a:c4:2f:ce:0:a:e4:2c:70:7f;
      fixed-address6  2001:db8:100:0:ffff::40;

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