Retaining information between DHCP requests

Sten Carlsen stenc at
Thu Oct 9 21:55:54 UTC 2014

Could you put a */client-identifier/* into the final image? Or some
other identifier that can be matched?

The purpose would be to match the final image to a class, leaving all
the kickstart stuff alone.

On 09/10/14 23.14, CLOSE Dave wrote:
> Anders Blomdell wrote:
>> It might help to copy the lease information in a %post rule
>> %post --nochroot
>> mkdir -p /mnt/sysimage/var/lib/NetworkManager
>> cp /var/lib/NetworkManager/dhclient*.lease
>> /mnt/sysimage/var/lib/NetworkManager/
>> %end
> If only. kickstart dies long before that point. It can't find its install repos since it has the wrong nameserver.

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