Retaining information between DHCP requests

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Oct 10 08:05:18 UTC 2014

CLOSE Dave <Dave.Close at> wrote:

>> Also, is there a send section in dhclient.conf?
> No. I posted the entire content of the file.
> Right now, the easiest solution might be for me to add,
>   supersede domain-name-servers <goodaddress>;
> to dhclient.conf. I've done that but am having some trouble rebuilding 
> the initrd properly. I may get a chance to see if that works tomorrow.

IMO you'd be better putting vendor class id (or similar) in the send section. Then you can match on that and issue whatever you want from the DHCP server. Advantage of that being that you can change it with a simple server config change without having to rebuild your image(s).

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