Force DHCP server to assign new IP to client

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Wed Oct 15 04:12:34 UTC 2014

First of all, thank you so much for your replies and I have learned a lot from your responses.

I am working on a security research project in an isolated internal network, so fortunately there will not be any frustrated or angry clients :-). Basically the research is trying to find a way to randomly change clients' IP addresses so that any IP-based attack or reconnaissance might be thwarted, that is why I am looking into the DHCP server to see if I can use it to achieve the goal. Any suggestions are very appreciated.

This seems a little like theorizing/proposing that; If people move every couple of weeks, someone is unlikely to target them individually/personally to break into their residence and steal all their stuff [because they won't know where they live...]

And while it's [perhaps] true, it seems like a fairly ineffective and highly disruptive "technique" to attempt to reduce break-ins and theft.
[i.e. The cost is vastly higher than any possible benefit that might be gained, at least for the *overwhelming* majority of the population.]

Just my two cents.
But perhaps I misunderstand the target population and the "protection" you envision.
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