Clients getting dynamic leases instead of fixed addresses.

Eugène Ngontang sympavali at
Tue Sep 23 07:25:04 UTC 2014

Hi Guys,

There is on thing in the dhcp functionment I've noticed several times.

In fact in my dhcp server configuration I have a dynamic range and fixed

When I add a new fixed host with MAC address and the associates IP address,
and start the client, it picks an ip address from the dynamic range instead
of the ip address I have fixed.

To fixe that, I have to comment the dynamic range in the server
configuration file, suppress the lease file in the client side and restart
dhclient or reboot the client.

Why it works like this? I thought the static leases wins dynamics one.

How to avoid my news clients picking addresses from the dynamic range

And what is the best way to solve this when it occurs?


Eugène NG

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