ipv6 relay and new options

winsor at ukrhub.net winsor at ukrhub.net
Thu Sep 25 07:58:11 UTC 2014


Please explain the use of options dhcp6.link-address and dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr using with dhcpv6 relay.
My config:

if (exists dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr) {
        log(info,"option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr present");
} else {
       log(info,"option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr not present");

if (exists dhcp6.link-address) {
        log(info,"option dhcp6.link-address present");
} else {
       log(info,"option dhcp6.link-address not present");

but in my logs always messages
dhcpd: option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr not present
dhcpd: option dhcp6.link-address not present 


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