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I don't know, but honestly, in my case here, I've just included the "match if" from the subgroup again to include the device in the larger group and used comments to indicate what that subgroup was.

I presume you have something that needs to happen to members of some subgroups and something different that needs to happen to members of other subgroups, but you have something in common that needs to happen to all of them?


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Is there a way to include a device in a class based on its membership in another class?:
class "Kyocera" {
        match if substring(hardware, 1,3) = 00:c0:ee;
        set member_of = "Kyocera";
class "Brother" {
        match if substring(hardware, 1,3) = 30:05:5C;
        set member_of = "Brother";

Such as:
class "Printers" {
        match if (
            option server.class = "Kyocera"
            or option server.class = "Brother"
if so, what do a replace "option server.class" with?

I've also tried using the variable "member_of" set above:
class "Printers" {
       match if (
               member_of = "Kyocera"
               or member_of = "Brother"
which doesn't work.


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