Can't get class "match if" to actually match...

Peter Rathlev peter at
Fri Apr 17 12:32:19 UTC 2015

I can't get a "class" to actually match anything, and I'm not sure what
I'm doing wrong.

What I hope is the relevant config:

   # "Private" option to remember
   option X-Juniper-AP-Options code 250 = string;
   group {
     default-lease-time 604800; # 7 days
     max-lease-time 1209600; # 14 days
     option X-Juniper-AP-Options "Juniper-AP-Cluster-2";
     option Vendor-specific-information "ip:,,,,";
     ping-check false;
     ddns-updates on;
     ddns-domainname "";
     option domain-name "";
     log(info, concat("test ", substring(vendor-class-identifier, 0, 12)));
     if (substring(vendor-class-identifier, 0, 12) = "WIRELESS-AP:") {
       if (config-option X-Juniper-AP-Options = "Juniper-AP-Cluster-2") {
         log(info, concat("this message appears in the log ", config-option X-Juniper-AP-Options));
     # G/E2, upper block
     subnet netmask { option routers; pool { range; failover peer "rmnet-failover"; } }
   class "Juniper-WLC" {
     match if substring(vendor-class-identifier, 0, 12) = "WIRELESS-AP:";
     if (config-option X-Juniper-AP-Options = "Juniper-AP-Cluster-2") {
       log(info, "this message does not appear in the log");
       # option Vendor-specific-information "ip:,,,,";
       option Vendor-specific-information "ip:,,,";

I serve up the relevant option (Vendor-specific-information/43) in both
the group block and the class in the configuration above, but when
commenting out the one in the group block the device never receives the
option at all.

The complete configuration is ~3500 lines so I'd rather not post it all,
but do tell me if something relevant is missing.

When using "if" statements in the group where the subnet declaration
resides, they match. When using similar "if" statements in a class
("match if ..." and a regular "if") they don't seem to match. The "log"
statement is never executed and the option is never sent (if commented
out in the group block).

I use a "private" config-option; this is used to select what options to
send in the class block. We use this approach in other places, though
not in an "if" statement, just via e.g.:

   class "Nexans-mikroswitche" {
     # Vendor-class identifier "266:063" er Nexans Gigaswitch 4-ports
     match if option vendor-class-identifier = "266:063";
     option tftp-server-name "";
     option bootfile-name = concat("/NEXANS/",
       pick-first-value( concat(config-option X-MS-Block-ID, "/") , "" ),
       ucase ( concat (
         suffix (concat ("0", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "", substring(hardware,1,1))),2),
         suffix (concat ("0", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "", substring(hardware,2,1))),2),
         suffix (concat ("0", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "", substring(hardware,3,1))),2),
         suffix (concat ("0", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "", substring(hardware,4,1))),2),
         suffix (concat ("0", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "", substring(hardware,5,1))),2),
         suffix (concat ("0", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "", substring(hardware,6,1))),2)
       ) ),

This one works as expected.

So how is it that something that matches in the group block does not
match in the class statement? What am I doing wrong? :-)

And can I do something to debug/test apart from throwing in log

Thank you in advance!


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