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> Hello all!
> <Disclaimer>
> This is my first post to this list, please forgive me if I posted this
> announcement to the wrong list.  Please also feel free to notify me of any
> other location you feel this information would be well received.
> </Disclaimer>
> I am starting a new project and I am attempting to gauge the interest
> level of the community.
> The project is to create a Free Open Source DHCP, DNS, and IPAM solution.
> I have written a short introductory document that explains the project and
> its goals. the project is hosted on GitHub:
> For those who may be too busy to read the document here is a TL;DR version.
> Commercial DDI solutions are expensive and all the necessary components to
> create an excellent free open source DDI are available today.  All that
> remains is to find a way to link these projects together.  Doing so will
> create a robust infrastructure that can be managed from a single interface,
> provide better documentation of resources, and generally lessen the
> monotony of documenting and provisioning your DHCP and DNS environment.
> If you are interested or would like to ask a question please feel free to
> post your thoughts on the GitHib page listed above.
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I think there are other projects attempting to do the same thing.  Compare
for example:

Bob Harold
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