problem updating dynamic dns from isc dhcpd

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Thanks for the zone suggestion in dhcp.

I think it was a number of issues, zone certainly pointed dhcpd to the correct dns server, I monkeyed a bit with ddns-* particularly when I found that I was able to get the forward record but the reverse came up as

Also, looking for mapping information I'd missed an error in the key map section, the "hac-md5" key wasn't working correctly. I'm apparently not as good a touch typist as I'd thought.

Follow up question.

What is the correct fix for the ddns-rev-domain?
I've currently got it set to "" but that means that all reverse records from all different zones will end up in the same PTR file. Is that typical or is there a better way do to this?

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> When DHCP attempts to update the DNS tables I get the following error.
> Dhcpd: unable to add forward map from to not found

Do you have zone statements in your dhcpd.conf ?
If not using secure updates, you can just rely on having the zones correctly set up (correct SOA record) and dhcpd will find the master server from the SOA record. But since you are using signed updates, you must specify zones in dhcpd.conf - the syntax is *almost*, but not quite, identical to that in named.conf.

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