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Regarding pool utilization, i will recomend you to have a look at dhcpd-pools which written in C, and is incredible fast. In just a few secs it will give you utilization for all pools, subnets and shared-networks.



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2015-02-09 18:05 GMT+01:00 Shawn Routhier <sar at isc.org <mailto:sar at isc.org> >:

> On Feb 9, 2015, at 5:32 AM, Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk <mailto:dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk> > wrote:
> Vikas Jadhav <vikas898 at gmail.com <mailto:vikas898 at gmail.com> > wrote:
>> *) Any alarm can generate after 80% pool utilization
> No, but I believe there are some third party scripts around that will give you reports of what's in use. I've not used any of them for *some years* so I don't know what the current state of play is.

We did add pool thresholding in 4.3.1 and updated it in 4.3.2 (now in beta) to better handle
large addresses spaces.  This causes a log entry when the threshold is exceeded.


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