Remove the unspecified gateway from linux routing table

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Tue Feb 17 11:57:09 UTC 2015

Thank you Simon,

I gave details you need before read your email.

Eugène NG

2015-02-17 12:23 GMT+01:00 Simon Hobson <simon at>:

> Patrick Trapp <ptrapp at> wrote:
> > Perhaps I am not completely awake yet, but don't you have to have the
> default gateway in place to have network communication? That is, doesn't it
> have to precede the DHCP process?
> No, as I read it, he can see that the DHCP client has obtained a default
> route from the DHCP server, but for some reason 1) the DHCP client hasn't
> configured it, and 2) the device has a bogus default route. A client
> configured by DHCP (normally) gets it's default route by DHCP - ie there is
> no need to specify a static route, and in general doing so is "a bad idea"
> as it will break the network if the device roams.
> But back to the OPs question ...
> How the client configures the network is a distribution specific process.
> There will be a number of scripts bundled in the distro package that the
> client calls to configure stuff. My best guess is that there is a bug here
> and possibly the script is using instead of the IP obtained by the
> DHCP client - either it isn't getting passed, or it's getting passed but
> getting 'lost' by the script.
> It would be useful to prevent the client getting a lease and see what the
> routing table is then. If the via route is missing, but
> then appears when a lease is obtained, then it would suggest it's the DHCP
> client/script adding it.
> To go any further would need details of the distribution in use - not just
> "a GNU/Linux system" !
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