One IP for several Interfaces

Алексей Прокопчук alexpro at
Fri Feb 20 14:11:54 UTC 2015

20.02.2015 15:45, Daniel Thielking пишет:
> Now to the problem:
> If I use laptop-2 in wireless mode everything works fine. If I want to
> use a cable both Interfaces are getting the same address. It manifests
> itself in a ip address conflict. How can I configure DHCPd to avoid
> this? But I do not want to use more than one address.
Here is not DHCP problem at all.
No problem if you will use one of wired or wireless interface, but not
both in the same time.

If you are using both wired and wireless connection simultaneously, you
can't use same IP address on interfaces. IP address conflict appears
because your wired and wireless interfaces connected to one network.

With best regards, Alexey Prokopchuk (AP8686-RIPE).
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