Static Host Names and Upper/Lower Case

Martin G. McCormick martin at
Thu Feb 26 21:59:19 UTC 2015

	Is there a way to tell dhcpd to ignore case when
searching for a static lease?

	When using omshell, one can easily find a static lease
with new host by using the name given to that host. Just the
new host directive followed by set host-name = "somename.domain"
followed by open will display the entire lease. If there is so
much as one differing-cased character in the name, however, it
is treated as a different name even though DNS always ignores

	I have been working on a perl script to allow coworkers
to quickly determine if a host has a static designation. If it
somehow got entered with a mixture of cases or all of one when
someone expected all of the other, it's effectively not there
but will still give the system that has the right MAC address a
static address. It will do everything but show up.

	Interestingly, case doesn't matter at all on MAC

	I would wish for some fool-proof way to show the
contents of a static lease that can't be missed even if the MAC
address is unknown.

	Being able to open and show a static lease based upon just an IP
address would also be very useful since one either entered the
correct address or not.

Martin McCormick

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