dhcpd v6 4.3.1 and events

Nikolay P nikolay.p at cos.flag.org
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First make sure your "/etc/dhcp/release" script runs properly. Did you try to execute it manually? Does it run properly and produce expected results?

Next, for debug purposes I would try to put a one line script in place of "/etc/dhcp/release", let's say "echo 'dhcp-release' > /tmp/dhcp_release_test", then wait until it is triggered by DHCPD and inspect content of /tmp/dhcp_release_test. If everything is OK, then you should see the 'dhcp-release' line.

Best regards, Nikolay.

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My English is not very good, excuse me if I said something wrong.

Now I'm experimenting with event handlers in dhcp IPv6 4.3.1,
and found that event "on release" is not triggered when release
event occurs. In log of dhcpd appears corresponding message,
but that's all. Event does not triggered after release.
To be precise, I mean release of delegated prefix, I not test
release address, my Mikrotik router is not able to request IPv6
address, only prefix.

I have very simple handlers for events:

on commit {

on release {

On commit event triggered, and script running properly,
on release is not.

Someone tried to use events? Maybe I missing something?

with best regards, Alexey Prokopchuk (AP8686-RIPE)
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