Restricting leases

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Fri Jan 30 19:07:25 UTC 2015

I will have a look - another fire has grabbed my attention, so I've gotten held up. However, I already have a lot of classes thanks to the many regions that get different responses, so multiplying them could become pretty unwieldy - or maybe just make the initial change a bear, I will have to think about it. An "everything but" model using deny - I think - will be very difficult to implement with the already-existing configurations. Both ideas certainly deserve consideration and I appreciate you pointing them out. 

I'm pretty sure ANDing the classes (from my question) is not something I want to pursue.

Have a great day!

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On Jan 29, 2015, at 5:26 PM, Patrick Trapp wrote:
> ... Can I use AND in an allow statement?

My first thought re ANDing classes is instead to multiply your classes.
My second thought is to switch to "everything but" classes and use deny.
Both are rather awkward but should work.

John Wobus
Cornell University IT

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