forwarding DHCP packets via a router.

Rajeev Bansal rajeev.bansal at
Mon Jul 13 17:15:51 UTC 2015

Hi ,

 I have a specific requirement, where I would like to forward a dhcp
discover/request/renew/release packets from a client via a router to
another subnet. I can't use a dhcrelay for this purpose, because in my
scenario both interface of my router (client side and dhcp server side)
will not have IPv4 address assigned. Yes that means, I am trying to forward
the dhcp packets to different link without my client knowing that it is
communicating over different Ethernet link.

For example, lets say my router has eth0 and eth1 two interface and there
is a laptop connected to eth0 and there is server running on the LAN on
which eth1 is connected. Now I want to forward my client's dhcp requests
from eth0 to eth1 and response from eth1 to eth0 seamlessly. Please note
eth0 and eth1 both doesn't have any IP address assigned.

I don't think dhcrelay will fit in my requirement, can someone suggest some
way to do that.

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