Permissions spec & Neutron driver

James Beedy jamesbeedy at
Wed Jul 15 15:42:59 UTC 2015


I am implementing an ISC DHCP server driver for the Openstack Neutron
project. My goal is to create a python module that controls, and allows
multiple instances of ISC DHCP server to run under multiple different
users. It would be nice if there was a spec that detailed the constraints
concerning permissions of groups, users, directories and files associated
with the ISC DHCP of right now I am playing a lot of guess and
check, hopefully this is something you might be able to shed some light on.
I am currently experimenting with running different instances of ISC DHCP
server each in a chroot environment, but would like to not have to create a
separate container or chroot for each instance of ISC DHCP server running
on a box. I’m sure there is a more efficient way, I just am unfamiliar with
the permissions spec. Any insight to the permissions associated with ISC
DHCP server would be extremely appreciated. Also, is an ISC DHCP neutron
driver something the ISC team has thought about, or possibly already has in
the works somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your insight,

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