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Sebastian Kricner sebastian.kricner at tuxwave.net
Mon Jul 20 15:37:01 UTC 2015

Hi Tony,

again thanks, the combination of those programs sound good.

Sebastian Kricner

Tony Finch, Mon, Jul 20, 2015 04:21:36PM +0100
>Sebastian Kricner <sebastian.kricner at tuxwave.net> wrote:
>> Another possibility would be, is it possible to have ISC BIND serve one
>> zone with multiple sources? Then i could do one common zone ("in view"
>> statement) just for IPv6 addresses and serve both views and having also
>> IPv4 addresses in private view.
>You can't quite do that, but you can use 'nsdiff' to make one zone a
>subset of another, provided you can write a regex to match the records
>that you want to exclude.
>You can use 'nsnotifyd' to automatically run 'nsdiff' whenever a zone
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