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Andreas Burger andreas at
Wed Nov 4 10:03:35 UTC 2015

hi there,

i got some good hints to my last questin, but i ran in problems.

what i have:
multiple subnets in more then one logical sets.
clients get ips from dhcp but fixed by mac-address, when they are at the 
normal place.

if they show up somewhere else, they should get an ip from a range, but 
only if they belong to the same logical set.

so i tried:
(part from dhcpd.conf)

class "agrl" {

subnet xxxx netmask 2xxx {
option subnet-mask xxx0;
option routers xxx;
option time-servers xxx;
get-lease-hostnames on;
use-host-decl-names on;
pool {
   failover peer "hest-dhcp";
   allow mebers of "agrl";
   deny unknown clients;
    range xy xz;

subclass "agrl" 1:10:9a:dd:5a:5d:c4;
host em132-88 { hardware ethernet 10:9a:dd:5a:5d:c4; fixed-address xx;...  }

first i had the subclass after the hostdefinition, and that did not 
work, as the host-definition fits and the file is not parsed longer.

now i can see, that hosts not part of "agrl" do not get an ip, as wanted.

BUT. it seems, as the hosts became ips from the pool instead of their ip 
in the host-statement.

any hints?


Andreas Burger
Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich
Departement Hest                          ISG
LFV E31  8092 Zuerich        +41 44 632 68 54
andreas.burger at

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