failover, partner-down state, MCLT and rewind binding

Cathy Almond cathya at
Tue Nov 10 09:15:37 UTC 2015

On 10/11/2015 01:43, Gregory Sloop wrote:
> So, I'm looking for a little more understanding. I had an outage last
> week that didn't work out so well.
> I've had sort-of-similar problems in the past with this setup, and I
> *think* I know some of what happened this time, but wanting confirmation.
> After the last similar outage, I knew we needed to put the surviving
> peer in "partner-down" mode, and this, along with the new "rewind state

Hi Greg,

I've just (belatedly, remembering that they had been written, but not
able to find them readily), made the two KB articles below published/public.

Hoping that they help - particularly around tweaking the default
failover settings and why a very small MCLT is not necessarily a good idea.


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