server with two NICs and relayed to

lejeczek peljasz at
Tue Nov 10 16:59:17 UTC 2015

hi everybody

I'm looking at my setup and got stuck

I have a box with two NICs on the same subnet, and another 
box similar, also two NICs on one subnet, all four NICs are 
on the same subnet.
Now, that second box has also a virtual NIC (libvirtd's 
bridge) and VMs guests are using it, traffic is routed via 
1st NIC to that virtual net. This second box dhcrelays to 
the first box(dhcpd).

I see box-dhcrelay forwards to box-dhcpd, I see box-dhcpd 
receives and offers a lease but that VM guest does not get it.

I have policy routing manually set in place so both boxes 
can pings each other all NICs. (including virtual NIC on the 
Moreover that VM guest can ping both boxes' all NICs when 
set to manual.

It's RHEL7 and I'm only trying IPv4.
I'm hoping some can rule out (or suggest what might be 
broken in) DHCP config.
I see those offers box-dhcpd makes are exactly for the 
subnet of box-dhcrelay's virtual subnet.

It's a pickle. An expert's thought would be great to hear.

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