No empty shared-network allowed version 4.2.4

Ryan Gray ryantgray at
Tue Oct 13 12:03:39 UTC 2015

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.  "Why" is a solid question.....There is no function
argument for it, of course.  I'm working on a web interface to DHCP (cute,
right? I wonder how many times this has been done).  I am writing a fresh
dhcpd.conf upon each action taken and then restarting dhcpd.  Adding a
shared-network is one of those actions.  So yes, basically just a marker
for something the user will be adding later.

Changing the logic to not write and restart upon an addition of just a
shared-network isn't that big of a deal.  In fact, if I had identified this
earlier in the project, that's exactly what I would have done.  That said,
unless I've spent far too much time undercaffeinated, I could swear that
dhcpd hasn't had a problem starting with an empty shared-network in the
past.  Am I just dreaming that up?  Was there an update that I've missed
the docs for that changed the behavior?  Seriously, I am 99% certain that
this tested fine previously.....although "previous" to what, I can not

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Ryan Gray

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 6:00 AM, Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at>

> Ryan Gray <ryantgray at> wrote:
> I have a need for empty shared-network declarations in my dhcpd.conf
> file.  Like so:
> shared-network VIDEO {
> }
> Why ?
> If it's just a marker for something you may add later, make it into a
> comment.
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