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Wed Oct 14 08:07:14 UTC 2015

Hello All

For a xDSL deployment we are trying to provide a relative lease stability
for the CPEs. Effectively to ensure that the subscribers - after the lost
of DSL sync - receive the same address (especially DHCP_PD since we need to
avoid having to re-address the CPE's LAN after every lost of DSL sync)

Is there a way to achieve this using ISC? For Kea DHCP server
it makes mention to a "hashed - allocator" where the server assigns
addresses based on a hash of the subscribers's DUID (Not sure if Kea can do
it for DHCP_PD but it seem a very useful functionality)

Is there a way to achive this in ISC DHCP server, namely assign addresses
based on a hash of a subscribers's DUID (instead of simply iterating
through the pool)?

Are there any other alternative to achive this "relative lease stability"
for DHCP_PD?

Best Regards

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