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Patrick Trapp ptrapp at
Fri Oct 16 15:14:15 UTC 2015

Now that I (think I) understand Rafal's desired result, he's got me thinking about my configuration and a long-standing request from management and a question comes to mind:

Can I use membership of a class A to qualify members of a class B? Can I have multiple class assignments for the same class?

Most devices on my particular network are members of two distinct and currently unrelated classes - one related to their boot options, another related to their network.

He's got me thinking that if I can say all members of the following boot option classes are also members of this overall class, I can use the larger class to make my network assignments without having to identify each of the boot-option classes in every single pool I define.

Alternatively, if I can define the members of the larger class at the same time that I define them as members of each smaller boot-option class (thereby requiring me to be able to assign devices to the larger class in many different places), I can get the desired result, as well.

All very theoretical. I have a lot of classes in use, but no subclasses - haven't wrapped my head around them yet - and what I'd love to do here might use that construct, but I'm not sure.
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